Royal St James's Tour London with Cindy Lawford

For hundreds of years, members of the Royal family
have been especially attached to St. James’s   

Royal St. James's Tour London with Cindy Lawford Queen Victoria StatueThis walk wades deep in royal history, as monarchs from Queen Elizabeth I to our present Queen are featured.  Standing before their serene regal faces in the National Portrait Gallery, we discuss the romance of  Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in St. James’s Palace, the attempt on George III’s life in the palace grounds, and Charles I’s sad departure from there on the morning he was beheaded.  We leave the gallery to walk through St. James’s, telling stories connected with the palaces and houses, shops, restaurants and clubs — and how the London public wasn’t shy of expressing their love or rancour for whomever wore the crown.

Royal St. James's Tour London with Cindy Lawford Kensington Palace




The tour provides an overview of not only St. James’s and Buckingham palaces, but also Marlborough House (and Queen Anne) and Clarence House, home to the Prince of Wales.  We consider racy Charles II, George IV and Edward VII, their gargantuan appetites and their wives’ sufferings.  We ponder the stealing of Queen Victoria’s bloomers and other palace intrusions.   We remember the abdication of Edward VIII for the sake of Wallis Simpson, and the wartime heroics of George VI and the Queen Mother.  Haunts of Princess Margaret and Princess Diana are noted and shops with royal warrants are visited, revealing which merchants supplied the hats, shoes, wine, cigars and fine porcelain.


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Book your Royal St. James’s Tour

The tour is available Friday mornings at 10 am and lasts just over 2 ½ hours.  

The cost is £20 per person.  Students and senior citizens may come for £15.

Groups may range from one or two people to no more than eight people. 

Reserve your place for a Friday morning tour or arrange a private tour at your convenience b7805 935403 or contacting Cindy Lawford here.

If you are reserving a place on the day of tour, please text or ring 07805 935403.

Getting to your Royal St. James’s Tour

The meeting point is in front of the National Portrait Gallery, St. Martin’s Place, London WC2H 0HE.  Meet in front of the main entrance, on the left side as you face the gallery.  

The closest tube stations are Charing Cross and Leicester Square. 

For a private Royal St. James’s Tour

The cost for a 2 1/2 hour private tour is £30 per person, with a concession of £25 for students and senior citizens.  Private tours are available most weekdays, starting from 10 am to 3 pm, and on Saturdays at 10 am only.

Royal St. James's Tour London with Cindy Lawford James J Fox Cigar Merchant