”The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention."

Julia Cameron
”Style is what happens when a person bends fashion to his personality."

G. Bruce Boyer
”Language is the main instrument of man's refusal to accept the world as it is. . . . Ours is the ability, the need, to gainsay or 'unsay' the world, to image or speak it otherwise."

George Steiner
”The highest form of courage is to reveal oneself fully, to express one's inner condition to the world with eloquence."

Glenn O'Brien
”I'm an obsessive researcher and had unearthed huge amounts of factual material, but gossip is a great resource."

Fleur Adcock
”One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art."

Oscar Wilde
”Painting is just another way of keeping a diary."

"Movies will make you famous; television will make you rich; but theatre will make you good."

Terence Mann
”The way to research is to attack the facts at the greatest point of astonishment."

Celia Green
”I pity American men. They have no time to think about clothes."

Hardy Amies
"We must relearn how to see....The eye is assaulted, coerced, desensitised. The only road to freedom is self-education in art.

Camille Paglia
”All Englishmen like dresses. It's something in their genes. Everyone knows it, they just don't talk about it."

David Bowie
”Nobody sees a flower -- really -- it is so small it takes time -- we haven't time -- and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time."

Georgia O'Keeffe
"To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle."

George Orwell
”The better dressed the Prince of Wales, the less suited he is to the throne."

James Sherwood
”My driving ambition is to let everyone else in on all the cool stuff that's going on. The tragedy of academia is how much fascinating stuff never gets outside the walks of academia, and I find that really heartbreaking."

Malcolm Gladwell
"The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life."

William Faulkner
”Tell all the Truth but tell it slant --"

Emily Dickinson
”If you make the 'bother' a lovely part of the process, the bother becomes a positively enhancing part of it. You just can't replicate that human contact online."

Patrick Grant
"Life without labour is crime, and labour without art is brutality."

John Wesley Hardrick
"Great art must be discernible to everyone."

George Grosz
”'Giving style' to one's character -- a great and rare art! It is exercised by those who see all the strengths and weaknesses of their own natures and then comprehend them in an artistic plan . . . even weakness delights the eye."

”Dress is a foolish thing; and yet it is a very foolish thing for a man not to be well dressed."

Lord Chesterfield
”A woman without perfume is a woman without a future."

Coco Chanel
”There is na workeman / That can bothe worken wel and hastilie. / This must be done at leisure parfaitlie."

”I'm quite a diehard Londoner -- I find it hard to imagine living anywhere else."

Emily Berry
”London is on the whole the most possible form of life."

Henry James

Testimonials from Theatre Professionals


Cindy packs so much information in her talks that there is something to interest everyone. With her energy and enthusiasm, she is a great favourite at The Print Room, and we are delighted that she can adapt herself to speak and write on almost all of our productions.

Anda Winters
Artistic Director
The Print Room

Cindy manages to strike the perfect balance with her talks. By giving newcomers a comprehensible understanding of the background to the play, whilst simultaneously stimulating more informed audiences with a fresh perspective, she brings a whole new dimension to the work we present. Thought-provoking and entertaining, her presentations have proved very popular with our members.

Anthony Biggs
Artistic Director
Jermyn Street Theatre

Dr Lawford’s pre-show talks before my productions of Judgement Day and 4000 Miles offered audiences a fascinating introduction to the world of these plays. I found her approach accessible and engaging but also hugely detailed and insightful – learning so much about the context of both plays that I hadn’t discovered in months of research and rehearsals!

James Dacre
Theatre Director

Hi Cindy

Was just about to text you to say how much April [de Angelis] and I had enjoyed your pre show talk for 4000 Miles. Very interesting background material, beautifully presented that hugely heightened the pleasure to be got from the show. Thank you.


Ewan Marshall
Theatre director and television producer

I just wanted to … say how excellent I thought the pre show talk on Horvath was on Monday. I absolutely loved it, and it brought out such an amazing richness and background that I wouldn’t otherwise have appreciated. .. [All that Cindy had to say] was both highly relevant and extremely interesting and engaging.

Cecily Boys
Associate Director
Faith, Hope and Charity

Dr Cindy Lawford gave a fantastic talk at our recent production of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Everyone present found it informative, engrossing and entertaining – full of material that shed a new light on the production, and that threw up interesting conversations and questions. The audience was gripped – no mean feat considering they had been sitting on wooden benches for an hour and half! We’ve already got Cindy booked in for Moby-Dick, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Dudley Hinton
Playwright and Director, simple8 theatre company

Dr Cindy Lawford has the vibrant energy of an artist who happens to be academic and this is wonderful! I love her talks and I always learn from her in the most exciting way!

Anastasia Revi
Director for Theatre Lab
Lysistrata and The Oresteia

Cindy has been doing pre-show talks at the Print Room for the past two years, and we’ve loved the response we got from audiences.

Veronica Humphris
The Print Room


Given the impossibly difficult task of giving offering background on a play which, by it’s very magical pseudo-improvised nature, should be as mysterious as possible, Cindy was an absolute marvel and exceeded all my expectations! THOM PAIN (BASED ON
is, at it’s best, able to tease the audience thrillingly; sometimes offering everything, sometimes nothing. Cindy was able to draw the audience further into Will’s writing without ever compromising the essential riddle of the play! I would be honoured to work with her again.

Simon Evans, Director


Cindy combines immense passion, humour and impressive research, and the audience come away informed and ready to see the show. I can’t think of a better warm-up!

Lucy Bailey, Director
Kingdom of Earth and Uncle Vanya 


Cindy’s engaging, informative and entertaining post- and pre-show talks gave the audience a wonderful insight into The Last Yankee and the life and work of Arthur Miller. It was so lovely having her on board.
Cathal Cleary, Director
The Last Yankee


Cindy brings great insight, wit and enthusiasm to her talks.  The work she shared with audiences after The Dumb Waiter was tremendous, igniting discussion and shedding light on some of the play’s darker corners.  Whether her audience is made up of seasoned theatre goers, relative newcomers or both and all in between, people leave feeling stimulated and informed, their evening at the theatre enhanced.
Jamie Glover, Director
The Dumb Waiter
Cindy has got the art of post-show discussions down to a tee. She is meticulously organised and always ensures she has thoroughly researched the play, its playwright and its context. She creates a warm, relaxed environment for open discussion, allowing the audience to ask whatever they want of a cast or director. An audience member never feels judged by the atmosphere that Cindy cleverly creates, meaning that an organic discussion often breaks out between cast and audience, unearthing aspects of the play that neither had perhaps considered before. Cindy is that invaluable link between the production and its reception by an audience; the person who emboldens you to ask that question you always had on the tip of your tongue and makes you feel satisfied that you did indeed ask it as you leave the auditorium.  
Ashley Cook, Actor and Producer
The White Carnation


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