Testimonials from Audience Members

Dr Cynthia Lawford deserves a shout for her insightful pre-show theatre talk at The Print Room. Can she please do a 2 hour lecture & I’ll come!


Jamil Jivanjee
Talk on Kingdom of Earth

I am not sure “talk” is adequate to describe such a memorable Monday evening! Battered by such an engaging delivery of layers of background information and insight, delivered at break-neck speed, it was a huge thrill to be transported so beguilingly to the Mississippi Delta and propelled into the heart of the psychological drama of the play. Clearly it was the effectiveness of the overture that enabled us to enjoy the play and the superb acting, 150%.

Tony Dyson
The Frederick Ashton Foundation, Chairman
Dancers’ Career Development, Chairman
Talk on Kingdom of Earth

Hi Cindy,

Laura and I loved your talk (unsurprisingly). She said (I quote), “I could listen to Cindy talk for hours.” I’ll definitely try to come along to the Ibsen as well.

Peter Forster
English teacher
Talk on The Changeling

Hi Dr Lawford,

I wanted to send a note to say that your talk was really very spot on, enjoyable and made all the more memorable by your breathless rush for the finish – a kind of breath-holding constraint. The Robbe-Grillet project is hard to describe let alone advocate – and yet somehow you managed to do that in the short span allowed.

Adam Roberts
Talk on Jealousy

The matinee was a big draw precisely because your talk offered an opportunity to learn more about the play and its context. It certainly fulfilled that wish. At the beginning of the talk you estimated it taking half an hour. That didn’t seem all that long but then I reckoned without your high rate of ideas-per-minute.

Graham Dawes
Talk on The Oresteia

Hi Cindy,

Just to let you know how much we enjoyed, and benefitted from, your pre-show talk last night. As usual, it felt thoroughly researched and packed with fascinating and varied information. You mentioned the fact that you were covering lots of different elements, but would leave it to us to draw the lines, and that’s particularly what worked so well: as we watched the play, we found ourselves repeatedly seeing connections and themes that you had addressed in your talk, and it brought a whole new level of understanding.

Anna Brewer
Talk on Uncle Vanya

Hi Cindy,

Congratulations on your talk – it was terrific! It was all so cohesive, thorough and comprehensive that it could easily have stood alone as a talk on Chekhov – and then when we saw the play it turned out that what you had told us provided the perfect background! It gave the play so much more resonance for us, knowing how heartfelt much of it was.

Alison Wormleighton
Freelance editor
Talk on Uncle Vanya

Your pre-show talk did add to my appreciation, by making me think more widely, rather than just about the story itself.

Rona Cracknell
Former librarian
Talk on Molly Sweeney

The material was very interesting and certainly enhanced the theatre-going experience; a kind of programme note vivant. Also, I think you had such charm and stage presence . . . .

Louise Greenberg
Former Chief Producer, Arts, Science and Features, BBC Radio
Talk on On Approval

Cindy Lawford is articulate, erudite, passionate and energetic about literature. Cindy’s simple aim in life is to unlock texts for us all. She interrogates and analyses with deftness, but this belies her utterly personable character. She bewitches audiences with compelling facts, contexts and textual intimacy. I have seen her enrapture many mixed-age audiences as well as engaging secondary school students with equal ability. She is fast becoming the joyous academic critic of the theatre scene.

Chris Bruce
Lecturer, Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London
Talks on Thom Pain (based on nothing) and Moby-Dick