The Newton Circle Project


Sir Isaac Newton and the Newton Circle Project

The Newton Circle Project is designed to help some of Westminster’s young people become excited about the history on their doorstep through the discovery and dramatic reimagining of Isaac Newton’s social life in early eighteenth-century London, when he mixed with the likes of Wren, Halley, Addison and his witty niece Catherine Barton.  Newton was never known for his social skills, so the great man’s awkwardness and authoritativeness will be part of the fun of this six-month intergenerational project.

The first half will involve a core group of individuals from local youth groups and adult history groups who will read, discuss and write about the project on a weekly basis at Westminster City Archives and Westminster Reference Library.  Beginning with introductory talks and a London walk or two, Dr. Cindy Lawford of Jermyn Street Theatre will guide everyone through the process of research and be available with online assistance throughout.  The second half will include the core group and up to ten more young people interested in dramatically realising Newton’s circle.  With the guidance of actors and directors, the young people and adults will create and act in a short drama that will be performed at Jermyn Street Theatre.       

If you are the least bit interested or just want to impress me with your knowledge, please contact