”All Englishmen like dresses. It's something in their genes. Everyone knows it, they just don't talk about it."

David Bowie
"To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle."

George Orwell
”Painting is just another way of keeping a diary."

”The highest form of courage is to reveal oneself fully, to express one's inner condition to the world with eloquence."

Glenn O'Brien
”I'm quite a diehard Londoner -- I find it hard to imagine living anywhere else."

Emily Berry
”If you make the 'bother' a lovely part of the process, the bother becomes a positively enhancing part of it. You just can't replicate that human contact online."

Patrick Grant
”Dress is a foolish thing; and yet it is a very foolish thing for a man not to be well dressed."

Lord Chesterfield
”I'm an obsessive researcher and had unearthed huge amounts of factual material, but gossip is a great resource."

Fleur Adcock
”A woman without perfume is a woman without a future."

Coco Chanel
”One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art."

Oscar Wilde
”I pity American men. They have no time to think about clothes."

Hardy Amies
”'Giving style' to one's character -- a great and rare art! It is exercised by those who see all the strengths and weaknesses of their own natures and then comprehend them in an artistic plan . . . even weakness delights the eye."

"Great art must be discernible to everyone."

George Grosz
”Tell all the Truth but tell it slant --"

Emily Dickinson
"Movies will make you famous; television will make you rich; but theatre will make you good."

Terence Mann
"We must relearn how to see....The eye is assaulted, coerced, desensitised. The only road to freedom is self-education in art.

Camille Paglia
”Nobody sees a flower -- really -- it is so small it takes time -- we haven't time -- and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time."

Georgia O'Keeffe
”The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention."

Julia Cameron
”There is na workeman / That can bothe worken wel and hastilie. / This must be done at leisure parfaitlie."

”The way to research is to attack the facts at the greatest point of astonishment."

Celia Green
”Language is the main instrument of man's refusal to accept the world as it is. . . . Ours is the ability, the need, to gainsay or 'unsay' the world, to image or speak it otherwise."

George Steiner
"The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life."

William Faulkner
”London is on the whole the most possible form of life."

Henry James
”The better dressed the Prince of Wales, the less suited he is to the throne."

James Sherwood
"Life without labour is crime, and labour without art is brutality."

John Wesley Hardrick
”Style is what happens when a person bends fashion to his personality."

G. Bruce Boyer
”My driving ambition is to let everyone else in on all the cool stuff that's going on. The tragedy of academia is how much fascinating stuff never gets outside the walks of academia, and I find that really heartbreaking."

Malcolm Gladwell


Cindy Lawford - Art Tours of LondonI give London art tours of St. James’s galleries and men’s fashion heritage tours of Jermyn Street and Savile Row.  I also give talks on plays and host question-and answer sessions at Jermyn Street Theatre, where I am the Education Officer. 

To support my work at the theatre, I began giving the tour called the Jermyn Street Experience in April 2014.  The tour so stimulated my interest in the history of men’s fashion that I decided to research the history of Savile Row — its houses, traditional shops, its royal and Hollywood celebrities and, most importantly, what those celebrities wore and why they wore it.  Since January 2015, I have offered the Savile Row Tour, which looks deeply into the craft of fine tailoring.

But there is much more to London’s St. James’s, and for years I have longed to put together tours of the art and antique galleries on Duke, Ryder, Bury and King streets, and likewise tell the 18th-century story of how the great British public finally gained access to the masterworks of European art and learned — awkwardly at times, and not without humour — to love their own painters.  As of February 2017, I can now offer the Pall Mall Art Tour and show my small groups around galleries displaying 16th-century armour, 17th-century Italian paintings, 18th-century porcelain and fine furniture, 19th-century French paintings and British maps, plus modern installations, abstract and pop art, political cartoons and children’s book illustrations.  

Mastering the deep history of a few streets plus the individual shop and gallery histories and the histories of the exquisite products on offer is proving an exciting, ongoing challenge.  I very much hope that the opportunity my tours provide to learn more about the St. James’s area will also encourage people to discover the delights of what is on offer at Jermyn Street Theatre.  

Regarding my past theatre work, I have given talks and written articles and programme notes on dozens of plays, all of which are listed here under Theatre Talks.  My programme notes are published here in full as well.  I would love to hold casual introductory discussions on plays currently produced at Jermyn Street Theatre or indeed any theatre in London with private groups (as few as one or two people even).  Simply contact me and ask.

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